Our Freedom Begins Now QuickStart Training

To get your business started, get started.  

Welcome to The Our Freedom Begins Now Team. We are excited you made the switch! The strategy and simple system you’re about to learn is what continues to place us (our community, including newbies) in the top of all of Melaleuca each month. Sharing this movement all starts by helping one person Switch Away from big box.

Follow each step below. It’s proven.

Critical Activity #1

Add a name to your list


Who do you know that shops at Walmart, Target, Amazon…any big box stores? Who would give you 20 minutes just because it’s you? Let’s help your friend make the switch. How?

1. Enter your friend’s info

2. Click Save

Move to Critical Activity #2.

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Critical Activity #2

Set Appointments

Our objective – Find 20 minutes to show the tour that you saw.

Touch on these bullet points for a simple and effective approach.

Remember the key to a good “approach” is to create curiosity, and then intentionally NOT satisfy it (leave them hanging on purpose):

  • I found this store that competes with big box on a bunch of stuff

  • Family owned, made in America

  • I love it, and think you would probably prefer it over big box too

  • They pay for referrals (this is my new part time work – optional add on)

  • I’d like to try to refer you

  • Can I show you the store in the next day or two?

Lock in a time with your friend. If they are free now, even better.

Pro Tip: Avoid mentioning Melaleuca, Switch Away or Patriot Switch. We don’t want to say anything they can google. The goal is to set an appointment, which works best if curiosity is created, and then left intact!

Move to Critical Activity #3.

Critical Activity #3

Share the Tour


Every Melaleuca shopper who has made the switch was personally taken through these steps, just like you were. When people Switch Away it’s because we took a few minutes to share our movement and why making this choice is better for everyone (except the conglomerates). It’s no wonder they fall in love with Melaleuca and almost never switch back to big box.


Get Prepared, Share the Tour and, Get them Shoppin’!


Use this guide when walking your friends through the tour. Read through it several times to become comfortable with each section. We literally read it word for word. It’s proven, it works… think about it, you made the switch after all, right?!

Pro Tip: Less is more. Don’t add extra stuff.

How to Generate an Tour Link

How to Generate an Enrollment Link

Experience a Tour

Now you’re ready for your appointment. Have fun helping your friends make the switch. They will thank you and so will Melaleuca.

When you click on Generate Tour… a temporary 24 hour link is created, and emailed to the prospect.  COPY this somewhere in case they dont receive the message, and you can re-Email it from your own email program.