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Welcome! To get started quickly and efficiently, review the materials in this section first, and complete all the prescribed actions. This will ensure that you have access to all the necessary resources and communication channels…

The rest of our team site is pretty self-explanatory, and should be referenced on an as-needed basis as you start to perform the critical activities in building a successful business with us.

We’re so excited for you, and we look forward to seeing you in our communication channels and on our community events!

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Please watch the videos below to get started as a new Marketing Executive. Thank you for choosing to make a difference.


Watch the Foundations Video

This will take you to the Melaleuca Site to watch the Foundation Video and get qualified for double bonuses.

What is your WHY?

Determining your WHY can mean the difference between success and failure.

Why are the packs so important?




The best motivator is Quick Success! Follow these steps to get started FAST!


Follow the steps below.


What’s your plan?

One of the best parts about our movement is that we can make a positive impact in our communities and our country AND get rewarded for it! We’d like to suggest you take our 90 day Action Plan and make it YOUR plan.

3 Critical Activities  – See Active Video Below

Let’s Take Action

Contact your enroller

The next step is to go to the Tour Training section in the menu on the left and schedule a time with your enroller to develop a game plan.





Get Connected to Our Community!

Use the buttons below to join our most important communication channels. Communication is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for building your business online. PLEASE READ EVERY WORD AND CLICK ON EVERY BUTTON BELOW TO GET CONNECTED NOW. You can accomplish all of this in just a few minutes. Once you have your comms set up, you will never have to do this again. PLEASE DO THIS NOW.


Join us on Telegram

Telegram is a secure, free, instant messaging platform that we all use every day. This is very important for daily communications. We recommend that you have this installed and running at all times on all devices. It is the BEST way to give and receive messages throughout the team.

Once you have Telegram installed and registered to your devices, you can access The Switch Team channels. Here is the Announcement channel that all members should subscribe to…


OPTIONAL Community Chat where you can connect with The Switch Team members in real-time on an endless variety of topics… (Useful but sometimes noisy)


OPTIONAL Product/Shopping specific Chat where you can connect with other happy shoppers, talk ingredients, share before and after pics, etc! Lots of product usage ideas in here!


Install ZOOM

Access all of our team zooms using the link –

Virtually every live broadcast or meeting we do is done using Zoom. This is a free teleconferencing platform that you will want to familiarize yourself with, and install on your devices.

If you’ve never used Zoom before, click below to set up a free account…

When joining a meeting for the first time, you will be asked to download the Zoom application on whatever device you’re using. To save time, you can access the Zoom downloads page below and install it on various devices now.

(The standard version for desktop/laptop computers is “Zoom Client for Meetings.” You’ll also find links to mobile apps and specialty apps on this page.)

Documents / Resources

Below you will find a list of our most often requested documents for use in presentations, follow-ups and strategy sessions…

PDFs and Flipping Books:

Melaleuca Product Catalog – American  AU/NZ  UK/EU
Melaleuca’s latest product catalog for each regional market.

The Human Immune System – An Owner’s Manual
This guide was created to help you better understand your immune system and offer some simple steps and advice to help protect it and keep it functioning at peak efficiency.
Additional Resources and Documentation Here

Drawing the Line
A lengthy legal analysis distinguishing Melaleuca from “MLM”.

Discovering Sei Bella
This PDF will help you and your friends discover Sei Bella and choose the products that are right for your premium skin care and beautification needs.
Heart Health StudyView the complete report from the 12-month study of Melaleuca’s Peak Performance Heart Health Pack.

Lung Damage Study PDF
Study confirms that household cleaners are even more dangerous than most imagined!

Preferred Member Benefits
Digital version of the welcome pamphlet all new US members receive with their first order.

Melaleuca: An Overview – USA  Canada  UK/EU  AU/NZ
The Melaleuca Overview provides a simple and easy way for you to share your experiences with others while outlining the benefits of superior products, membership-based shopping and revenue sharing opportunity.

Compensation Plan – American  AU/NZ Version  UK/EU Version
“A Marketing Revolution” – Melaleuca’s compensation plan PDF.

Leadership In Action Magazine – American  UK/EU  AU/NZ Melaleuca’s regional Leadership In Action (LIA) magazine.

Social Media Policy Guidelines for Using the Internet, Social Media, and Electronic Communications

The Success Factors A PDF enumerating the 12 factors of a successful and sustainable business as identified by Ed Bestoso.

Seven Critical Activities An introduction to Seven Critical Business-Building Activities for succeeding with your Melaleuca business.

Follow Up Guide
A checklist to use when following up with new members during their first 4 months. (US Version)

Regarding EWG
Observations and talking points regarding the “Environmental Working Group”


The Me laleuca Wellness Guide
Available in print or e-book, along with other titles from RM Barry Publications. Useful reference for specific product applications, benefits and remedies.

Support: Direct Contact with Melaleuca

Here you will find direct-dial phone numbers and links for specific departments and services…

Express Verification Support – 208-534-3560
This is used for enrolling someone via phone and/or for someone that has been in the system before and are joining your team.

* Make sure they understand the backup order process. They will be asked to explain that process.
* Make sure they are ready to shop immediately. If they are not, then it may not be time for them to set up their account.

Business Development Support – 208-522-0870 Ext. 2 This is used for any business growth, development and business related questions. This is a true lifeline for you & your business. Put it on your speed dial or favorites. You’ll be glad you did. Keep in mind it’s closed on the last day of every month.

Customer Support – 208-534-3000
This is used for any product related & information questions. This is the place to go for anything you want to know about products.Get it on your speed dial as well.

Product Information Line – 1-800-742-8094
Have specific questions about a product? Run into a friend who has a concern about a certain ingredient Melaleuca uses? Monday through Friday, “sciency” people are ready to answer your questions! USE LIBERALLY for best results.

Your Enroller Support
Remember, there is a reason as to why this is second to last on the list. This should be one of the last resources you pull from. As you become a better director (pointer), you wouldn’t need as much from them anyway. Learning to use the resources above effectively will be the key to having more time to focus your attention on the most important areas of your life. And isn’t that what this is all about? Of course, if you need the support, your enroller will likely be happy to help you (especially if you’ve gone through the first 4 steps above).

** Still Need more help **There are many more resources available to you, we just didn’t want you to get overwhelmed & not know where to look.
For additional departments visit this page and you’ll definitely find plenty of resources to help you!

For international departments and resources visit this page.